Concentrate Review: Get Bit by Black Mamba OG Crystalline

Black Mamba OG Crystalline is aggressively potent and fast acting. But unlike its menacing namesake’s venomous reputation, this crystallized THCA extract provides expedited comfort after one quick dab.

Created by Gold Nugget Extracts, this Black Mamba OG Crystalline was produced through a proprietary extraction/refinement process that captures and delivers a nearly perfect depiction of the plant’s collective terpene profile. A nug-run extract made from flower cultivated by Darvey Pharms, these dabs have earned a lofty reputation in the world of high-end concentrates.

This Black Mamba’s bite is compelling medicine for the masses.

Appearance: Translucent and enticing, Black Mamba OG Crystalline looks like white, asymmetrical, uncut diamonds. Bathed in an amber sauce of strain-specific terpenes, the THCA crystals in my test sample were the size of little pebbles. Easily mixed and matched for the perfect flavor to potency ratio – the Black Mamba OG Crystalline appears harmless at first glance … but don’t be fooled.

Dab: An Indica-dominant dab, these extracts are pure fuego. Ripped off my NEXUS puck with a quartz banger, the Black Mamba OG Crystalline dab was a berry-centric treat. The THCA crystalline liquefied smoothly, dissolving in my bucket like beeswax in the sun All. Dabbed-out with one hit, the elevated mindset lasted for what seemed like hours.

Flavor: Black Mamba OG Crystalline is produced from a hybridized cross of Granddaddy Purple x Black Domina and has a provocative flavor profile that’s accentuated by the taste of savory berries and a hint of spicy herbs. One quick caveat: Black Mamba OG Crystalline is not for the faint of heart.

The High: Black Mamba OG Crystalline by Gold Nugget Extracts left an ear-to-ear grin where a scowl once resided. Praised for its long-lasting effects, Black Mamba OG Crystalline instilled an optimistic mindset that faded into a mellow, warm, state of deep relaxation. A potent antidote for insomnia, discomfort, and dejection, this Black Mamba’s bite is compelling medicine for the masses.

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