Celebrate National Girl Scout Day With Cookie and Weed Pairings

It’s that time of the year that has everyone reaching for their wallets and breaking New Year’s Resolutions — Girl Scout Cookie season.  In honor of National Girl Scout Day, we searched high and low to compile a list of cookie and weed pairings based. We looked for terpene profiles that compliment the flavors of Girl Scout Cookie favorites: Thin Mints, Samoas, Do-si-dos and Lemonades.

Let’s start with the classics, Thin Mints.

Thin Mints & Jet Fuel OG

Thin Mints make up at least a quarter of sales every cookie season. Every year we unwrap the sleeve of crispy mint-chocolate wafers and turn off the calorie counter to indulge in these devilish treats. Now we can enjoy Thin Mints with a little less guilt. The Girl Scouts have stepped up their game and modified their recipe with Vegan ingredients to also provide an option for the eight million vegans in the country.

We’ve paired this classic cookie up with the high-flying flavors of Jet Fuel OG. Indulge in a handful of Thin Mints and let the cooling mint flavors prepare your palate for the landing of citrus and pine terpenes. The follow up of pungent fuel flavors blend well with the lingering mint cookie flavor.

Samoas & Chocolope

Moving on to the most divisive of the Girl Scout Cookies: Samoas — you either love them or you hate them. Also known as Caramel deLites in some parts, these cookies are iconic and most beloved for their coconut dusted, super-toasted caramel goodness.


We’ve paired Samoas with Chocolope. This strain is filled with smoky chocolate flavors balanced by vanilla undertones to soften its hashy coffee flavor. The mocha taste of Chocolope dances in perfect harmony with the cookie’s delicious caramel and crunchy coconut flakes.

Do-si-dos & Peanut Butter Breath

More than just a dance move, Do-si-dos are another popular classic Girl Scout cookie. Do-si-dos, also known as Peanut Butter Sandwich, are similar to a Nutter Butter cookie. Sandwiched between two crunchy buttery oatmeal cookies, the layer of peanut butter is what makes this cookie so alluring. A nod to the nutty peanut butter flavors, we’ve paired Do-si-do cookies with Peanut Butter Breath.


Peanut Butter Breath adapts genetics from Mendo Breath f2 and the cannabis version of Do-si-do. The caramel flavors from Mendo Breath are balanced with the unexpected minty and citrus-pine flavors of the strain to create a nutty peanut buttery aroma that can be immediately identified when you pop the dram jar lid.

Roll Peanut Butter Breath up in a grape Swisher for a weedy PB&J sesh, then bite into a creamy Do-si-do cookie as the perfect ending to your grown up lunch box. The combination of cookie and blunt will tone down the taste of peanut butter, but will still leave your tastebuds with a savory flavor.

Lemonades & Jack Herer or Skywalker OG

Last but not least, we chose to pair Lemonades with Jack Herer or Skywalker OG — depending your terpene preference. These tangy Girl Scout cookies are glazed with a layer of lemon icing on the bottom half of the cookie and a lemon slice print pressed into the shortbread on top. Seasoned smokers who thrive off limonene terps will go into a frenzy with the pairing of Lemonades with Jack Herer, while those who like a little more pine may opt for Skywalker OG


Jack Herer hits you with bright citrus flavors and mild hints of peppercorn before filling the room with tropical aromas. Pair the Emperor of Hemp with a plate of Lemonades cookies and enjoy the fresh-squeezed lemon flavors that are complemented by an energizing euphoria that inspires you to work hard and accomplish your goals.


Those who enjoy the refreshing ocean grown terpenes can awaken the force within and smoke on Skywalker OG. Learn the ways of the Jedi and enhance the taste of OG flavors when you roll up the pinene and linalool terps, smoke, then sink your teeth into the shortbread cookie. Let the lemon-glazed cookie crumble in your mouth, then clear your palate for another breeze of kushy-pine flavors.


Try all the different cookie combinations and let us know your favorite cannabis and cookie combos in the comments.

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