Cannabis Suppositories: Shove It up Your Ass!

Smoking cannabis, eating it, vaping it and applying it topically are all pretty conventional ways to use marijuana. But did you know that it’s now possible to take cannabis rectally? Yes, that’s right – weed in your anus. Your initial reaction might be – OK, too far! But don’t make the judgement before you’ve read this article on how it works and why people swear by it.

When a group of cannabis enthusiasts get together, they can’t stop marvelling at marijuana. Smoking it, eating it, vaping it – oh the pleasure of Mary Jane.

But even the most experienced marijuana user might get a little shy about sticking weed up their bum. Wait, where? Yes, rectal – or vaginal – cannabis. It’s a new trend, you might say. And perhaps when you stop blushing and give it a go, you will thank us for it.

All jokes aside, rectal cannabis really is a revolution in the way that we have come to use weed. It offers amazing health benefits that smoking simply can’t match up to. The body absorbs much more of the potent medicinal material while bypassing  (at least according to science) the high associated with THC. For many people, this sounds like a…

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