Cannabis microdosing – less is more

Cannabis microdosing is about taking the lowest possible effective dose. It means taking just the right amount to have positive effects, but without reaching an actual high or suffering from undesirable side effects. What recreational users are increasingly discovering could be even more interesting for medicinal users.

KIVA Confections calls its sweets Petra. The list of ingredients leaves no doubt that this is a lifestyle product: Matcha green tea, eucalyptus oil and the plant-based sweetener Xylitol.

Foods produced without sugar or additives are certainly in line with the spirit of the times, but that’s not why consumers buy Petra. It’s because of cannabis: Each fingernail-sized mint contains precisely 2.5 mg of THC, which amounts to 100 mg of THC per pack.

The next big thing is tiny

Cannabis varieties with a high THC content have long been an industry focus. There was a clear maxim: the stronger the better.

These days, in a time in which terms such as ‘minimalism’ and ‘mindfulness’ have become…

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About Sensi Seeds

Welcome to the About Sensi Seeds section of the website. Here you can discover the stories behind many different facets of this legendary seed company, from its beginnings as one man’s passion and a small collection of very special seeds to the impact that the Sensi gene bank has had on medicinal marijuana and the culture of cannabis in the Netherlands and beyond. Sensi Seeds has expanded over the last few decades to include sister companies devoted to industrial hemp, to educating the public on the true effects and potential of cannabis, and even to pure relaxation in beautiful surroundings. All branches of the company are founded on the same ethic: it’s not just about Sensi Seeds, it’s about the plant.