Cannabis Distillates – The future of marijuana?

Do you remember when oils and shatters were the newest thing on the market? If the idea of something so potent was exciting then, what you are about to learn about cannabis distillates is going to knock you out. To learn about how we reached 99% cannabinoid potency in cannabis distillates, keep reading.

Well, is it safe to say we did it? Cannabis distillates, the newest product in the concentrates market, are going to put to shame all other extracts we have come to know. Cannabis distillates are the purest cannabinoid concentrates that have reached the consumer, and it doesn’t really get much purer than this. We are talking about cannabinoid levels over 99%.

The art of extracting cannabinoids has been evolving quickly, but until now we have been excited at levels over 65%. We were jumping over the moon at 80%. What we are playing with now in the world of cannabis distillates is definitely not for beginners!

In the process of extraction, a large volume of other material ends up in the final product. However, after distillation, what is left is essentially pure THC or CBD. This new technology is astounding, and…

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