Canadian Cop’s Attempt to Educate Kids About Marijuana Ends in Epic Fail – News

Earlier this month, the York Catholic school board

A few days after Cole’s wild claims were covered by local press, the YRP tweeted: “We’re no health experts, but we’re pretty sure getting high does not cause enhanced mammary growth in men. We are aware of the misinformation about cannabis that was unfortunately provided to the community by our officers. John Harrison, chief scientific officer with Toronto-based TeamMD, confirmed that there was no scientific basis to Cole’s claims. “Millions of men smoke marijuana and you don’t see millions of men walking around with pronounced breast tissue,” Harrison told the Toronto Star. “In my experience as a police officer, the worst I’ve come across with people who are high on marijuana is they want to hug you,” YRP school resource officer Doug Macrae

Elena Hasheminejad, York region public health nurse, told students that “for many years we could not talk about [cannabis], about the harms or medicinal benefits. ” Hopefully by this point of the information session, Nigel Cole was sitting down and taking notes.

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