Canada Announces Strict Packaging and Labeling Requirements for Legal Cannabis – News

Last fall, government officials launched a 60-day public consultation period to give citizens the chance to weigh in on how the country should regulate marijuana. “What we’ve heard from Canadians is clear: these regulations must protect the health and safety of Canadians, particularly our youth, while at the same time enabling a diverse, competitive, and legal industry comprising both large and small players that can displace the existing illicit market for cannabis. The regulations state that all cannabis products must be packaged in child-resistant, tamper-evident packages. Each package must be one single color, and cannot display fluorescent or metallic colors, or any other form of loud branding. Manufacturers are also not allowed to place inserts inside the packaging. every cannabis package must also be labeled with a “stop sign” symbol featuring a pot leaf, along with the letters “THC.” Plus, the package must contain a bright yellow warning label displaying one of 14 approved warnings about the potential dangers of cannabis use, including warnings about driving under the influence of weed, breastfeeding, or adolescent use of the drug. Producers will need to ensure that all 14 warnings appear on their products by rotating them equally throughout the year. “We want to make sure that it’s child-proof and that it’s tamper-evident.”

Government officials received over 3,000 online responses and 450 written responses in answer to their request for public feedback on their regulations. Health Canada said that the majority of Canadians “Supported the proposed approach to the regulation of cannabis,” Global News reports. Battley explained that black market products “Are beautifully packaged and branded,” which will make it harder for legal products to compete. “The federal government is risking a policy fail,” he warned.

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