Bad Wizard Extracts the Best from Urbols’ Skywalker

Bad Wizard’s Skywalker Premium Sugar concentrates are nothing short of pure nug-run fire.

Cultivated by the talented growers at Urbols (pronounced Herbals), Bad Wizard took their already flavorful Skywalker and elevated the strain’s lofty terpene profile.

A deliciously well-balanced concentrate, the flavor and potency of this Indica-dominant sugar wax awakens The Force within. No longer relegated to the Dark Side of life, the Bad Wizard Skywalker Premium Sugar provides modern medicine and a moment of relaxation.


Upon cracking open my jar of Bad Wizard Skywalker, the home office was instantly filled with a satisfying aroma of an earthy, lemon-infused fuel. As pungent as it gets, this little .5-gram pile of cannabinoids and terpenes had a medicinal value of its own. Just smelling the delicious batch of extracted compounds left this stressed out worker bee in a peaceful place.

Texture: Sugar

Cultivator: Urbols

Extractor: Bad Wizard

Medicinal Application: Joint relief, insomnia, and wasting syndrome

Bad Wizard Extracts the Best from Urbols’ Skywalker

Bad Wizard Extracts the Best from Urbols’ Skywalker


Golden Beige, crumbly and alluring, my half-gram sample of sugary wax twinkled with psychoactive…

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