4 Ways to Use Cannabis Butter : GifRecipes

Want more potency with less impurities? Here are a few tips…

1) For edibles, coconut oil is better than butter. Ter is just fine but coconut oil is a better transporter of the THC.

2) Add an additional freezing step prior to straining the cannabis out of the oil. The freezing will help break down the cannabis and free up all the good stuff that could be trapped in there.

3) Add one or two more “Washing” steps to pull out more of the weed flavor and impurities. THC is not water soluble so after straining the cannabis out and pouring into the water to chill over night, heat it up again and pour it back into fresh water to chill over night again. Each time the water will be a little cleaner as it pulls out more of the stuff we don’t want.

4) Adding a bit of soy lecithin can increase your body’s ability to absorb the THC. Soy lecithin is an emulsifier and will increase the bioavailability for you to absorb more of the good stuff before it passes through your system.

Also, its important to try and not get your oil over 240°f. That is the vapor point of THC and it will start reducing potency.

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