Zynerba’s stock on a high as cannabis-based drug succeeds in trial

(Reuters) – Zynerba Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Thursday its cannabis-based gel met the main goal in a mid-stage study of patients with Fragile X syndrome, a genetic disorder that causes learning disabilities in adolescents and children.

The U.S. drug developer’s shares, which are down 60 percent since the beginning of the year, climbed 71 percent in premarket trading to $10.60.

Zynerba’s drug achieved the main goal in a mid-stage study of adolescents and children with Fragile X syndrome by improving the total score on a scale assessing anxiety, depression and other behavioral symptoms associated with the disorder, the company said.

Fragile X, an autism-spectrum disorder, affects 1 in 4,000 males and 1 in 8,000 females and has no approved treatment, Zynerba said.

Zynerba’s treatment also improved aberrant behaviors associated with the disorder, such as temper tantrums, social avoidance, repetitive movements and hyperactivity.

The drug, ZYN002, is a cannabidiol (CBD) gel, which last month failed a mid-stage study testing the drug in patients with epilepsy.

Cannabidiols belong to a class of chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant, which differs from THC, a…

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