Virginia State Crime Commission Wants Your Opinion On Marijuana

Do you have an opinion about marijuana and its potential decriminalization in Old Dominion? Well, good news then – the Virginia State Crime Commission is interested in hearing from you on the heady topic.

Last year, the state crime commission announced they were studying the timely topic of decriminalizing the personal possession of marijuana in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Per an announcement on their website, the Virginia State Crime Commission wants your highly valued opinion.

The Virginia State Crime Commission is currently studying the topic of decriminalization of simple possession of marijuana. Crime Commission staff values information and insight from parties and stakeholders with an interest in this topic. However, due to the level of interest in this particular study, staff will be unable to meet individually with everyone.”

To decriminalize or not to decriminalize? That is the question in Virginia.

Currently, Virginia has some of the harshest consequences for marijuana offenders. While those busted with more than a half-ounce face a mandatory one-year prison sentence, just getting caught with that much weed much makes you a drug dealer in the eyes of…

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