Teens think stoned driving is safer than drunk driving, survey finds

Although it’s risky to drive a vehicle while impaired on any substance, more teens now understand that drinking and driving could be fatal compared to getting stoned behind the wheel.

A survey recently conducted by Liberty Mutual Insurance found that 88 percent of teens said drinking and driving makes someone drive worse, compared to 73 percent who said driving stoned makes for a worse driver, reports Forbes.

The Liberty Mutual Study found that 93 percent of parents also agree that drinking makes for worse driving, while just 80 percent of parents felt the same way about marijuana.

As for the perceived harm, 88 percent of teens said drunk driving was dangerous, 20 points higher than the 68 percent of teens who believe that driving under influence of pot is dangerous. 93 percent of parents agree with alcohol as dangerous, while 76 percent thought the same of marijuana.

“The message that alcohol and driving is a dangerous combination is well-entrenched, but marijuana isn’t viewed quite as negatively,” wrote Angela Eichelberger, a senior research scientist at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (I.I.H.S.), in an email to Forbes.

Researchers surveyed 2,800…

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