Storage Container Vacuum Seals Your Cannabis

When product designer Ed Kilduff’s Kickstarter campaign earned him ninety thousand dollars, he asked his supporters what they used the product for. “After coffee and tea, the most popular use was for weed,” says Kilduff. His invention, EVAK—the smell-proof, glass storage container that vacuum seals—was perfect for storing cannabis, and his next idea was born. His mission: make it child-resistant.

An admitted lover of the herb, Kilduff took his talents to the cannabis space. He spent three years developing a line of child-resistant cannabis storage products—EVAK-style jars, “pop-top” containers, and zipper bags. He had everything ASTM-certified, and then launched Pollen Gear to house it all under one brand.



Kilduff is no stranger to the art of invention. He’s been experimenting with design since childhood, when his father passed away, leaving him a garage full of tools and machinery. Kilduff’s early tinkering became a lifelong fascination with all things mechanical. He eventually attended Carnegie Mellon University, studied industrial design, and then went on to consult for brands like Starbucks, Nike, and Reebok.

When he was twenty…

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