Smoking Cannabis Vs. Tobacco: Is Cannabis Less Harmful?

A ground-breaking 20-year study investigated the links between tobacco, cannabis, and lung function. It found that while tobacco caused adverse effects, cannabis did not. As a result of this study and others like it, healthcare providers are beginning to pay attention, and some health insurers are even starting to cover medicinal cannabis costs!

In 2012, a ground-breaking scientific study (Association Between Marijuana Exposure and Pulmonary Function Over 20 Years, Pletcher MJ et al.) was published on the effects of cannabis smoke on lung function compared to that of tobacco smoke.

The study followed thousands of subjects for twenty years in order to get a full picture of potential associations. Many other studies that simply look at a brief window in time are unable to prove causation, even if they demonstrate correlation.

Although several years have passed since its publication, this study remains one of the most rigorous and reliable of the existing studies comparing cannabis and tobacco. It has proved to be very influential.

Recently, two Canadian life insurance companies stated that they would henceforth cease to class cannabis smokers in the same high-risk category as…

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