Scientific Community Pushes Back Against V.A.’s Latest “Worthless” Medical Marijuana Studies – News

Although recent studies from the Department of Veterans Affairs suggest that cannabis is ineffective in the treatment of PTSD and chronic pain, soldiers of the scientific community agree that this research is the same “worthless,” rehashed noise that the federal government has been trying to sell the general public for decades.

It was just last week that the VA published a paper in the latest Annals of Internal Medicine, suggesting there was not enough conclusive evidence to prove that marijuana has any therapeutic benefit. The studies, which were overseen by the VA Portland Health Care System, found limited evidence that patients suffering from pain or anxiety disorders would experience any successful results through the use of medical marijuana.

But for those people who have seen, firsthand, just how marijuana has helped conquer the symptoms of these conditions over the past several decades, the studies do not carry any weight.

“I find the funds spent on regurgitating these studies to be worthless,” said Sean Kiernan, a veteran who works with researcher Dr. Suzanne Sisley in the study of cannabis on PTSD patients.

Dr. Sisley agrees, telling the Washington…

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