Oregon Cannabis Lab Accused of White Supremacy Connection, Swift Backlash Follows – News

A group of anti-fascists have publicly condemned the owners of a prominent Oregon cannabis lab for suspected ties to white supremacy, causing a ripple in the Pacific Northwest’s cannabis community. The lab’s clients have since denounced the once-popular business, as well as a handful of other canna-businesses in the area due to perceived connections.

In a public doxxing, first published by the anti-fascist group Eugene Antifa, activists identified Matthew Combs and Bethany Sherman, owners of state-approved cannabis testing lab OG Analytical, as active members in the area’s white supremacist community. The antifa group says they were able to obtain information logs from the app Discord — a chat app once used for gaming that’s been adopted by America’s far right — in order to support its claims.

“Matthew Combs assisted his girlfriend Bethany Sherman in establishing OG Analytical,” the unnamed authors of the Eugene Antifa post wrote. “His photo is still featured on their website even though his personal profile, position, and name has since been removed. We believe this is due to Combs attempting to take precautions against being exposed as a neo-Nazi.”

Eugene Antifa…

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