New Study Out of BC Recommends Keeping Unlicensed Dispensaries Open

A new study coming out of the University of British Columbia (UBC) says that unlicensed dispensaries in Canada should stay open.

As the Great White North legalizes marijuana, one of the challenges the federal government faces is the number of unlicensed dispensaries serving thousands of customers across the country. There has been significant debate as to what should be done about these retail storefronts, with some provinces working to shut them down, while others implement regulations for their tolerated existence.

Now, a research paper from UBC, one of the top three universities in Canada, finds that most Canadians prefer dispensaries over other ways of buying cannabis. The study was part of the largest survey of medical marijuana patients in Canada to date.

“[This research paper]  focuses particularly on dispensaries,” said Zach Walsh, an associate psychology professor at UBC, in an interview with “Everyone is debating how to deal with the commercialization of cannabis, that’s why we are publishing this now because there haven’t been any other studies that have actually asked dispensary customers what they like about dispensaries.”


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