Medical Marijuana Study Researching PTSD Faces Early Shut Down Thanks to Uncooperative VA Officials – News

For the first time ever in the United States, researchers are working to explore the therapeutic effects of marijuana on those people suffering from post–traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). However, reports show the study is at risk of being shut down simply because the Department of Veterans Affairs is refusing to lend a helping hand.

After seven years of work, and repeated struggles with the government’s lack of cannabis expertise, Arizona-based researcher Dr. Sue Sisley and her team are on the verge of completing research on 22 veterans qualified for the first phase of the study. But in order to take the federally funded investigation to the next level, researchers need to recruit an additional 54 participations – a process that requires the screening of thousands more veterans.

It would make sense for researchers to lean on the local VA for some assistance in the recruitment department. Yet, a letter from Dr. Sisley to Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin indicates that the Phoenix VA hospital has “been unwilling to assist by providing information to their patients and medical staff about a federally legal clinical trial happening right in their backyard that…

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