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Marijuana use during breastfeeding is much more complicated than a matter of right or wrong. What we understand about THC is that it is likely to travel from the mother to the infant through breast milk. But does that mean that it is dangerous? What are the risks involved? If you want to learn more about this sensitive topic, keep reading this article.

Marijuana and Breastfeeding: What are the risks?

There is a lot of judgment surrounding the use of marijuana by both pregnant and/or breastfeeding women. It is such a sensitive issue because there are many reasons that a breastfeeding mother might want to use marijuana. And at the same time a new-born child is one of the most fragile creatures on the planet. At the end of the day, a new-born is completely dependent on its mother, so we should be equally sensitive towards that fact.

Unfortunately, the little research that has been done on this topic was decades ago – and even that research doesn’t reveal much. We can definitely hypothesize that THC reaches a baby through breast milk, but until now we haven’t really been able to observe how that affects the…

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