Best THC Detox | How to Do a Proper THC Cleanse

Common Reasons to Want to do a THC Cleanse

Depending upon what the marijuana regulation laws are in your state, if you live the cannabis lifestyle, you may find yourself in need of a THC cleanse. Believe it or not, not all folks looking for the best cleanse are trying to pass drug tests. Although that is the most common reason, others may be looking to take a needed tolerance break or might be going through some medical issues.

Now, experts all have their own opinions, but when it comes down to finding the best detox for weed, there are several different avenues you can take to achieve your desired results. Whatever your motivation, we’re going to share some solid information about finding the best detox method based on the needs you might have.

Why is it Hard to Do a Weed Cleanse?

THC builds up in your system, and unlike many other drugs, once you stop ingesting, it can take up to six weeks to leave your body. Marijuana, once ingested, will still be present in the blood and saliva, up to a week; hair, three months; and urine, a few days to almost two months. Most employers who enforce drug testing rely on urinalysis testing, which means that if you get selected randomly after…

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