7 Ways to Make Your Own CBD Cream at Home

Salves, butters, oils, and lotions can do wonders when it comes to repairing skin damage. Throw CBC into the mix and you have a product that can help everything from skin afflictions to acute inflammation. And the good news is we’re going to show you 7 ways you can make this beneficial treatment at home!

Did you know that almost half of cannabis extracts can be attributed to one incredible cannabinoid?

That’s right — Cannabidiol, or CBD, makes up about 40% of them. Typically extracted from the plant’s stalks, leaves, and buds, it won’t give you a euphoric high, but it does pack a pretty powerful punch in other ways.

When infused into a carrier oil, CBD is transformed into the skin-saving and health-boosting powerhouse known as CBD oil.

Long touted for its therapeutic and healing benefits, this oil is a major player in the health and beauty industries, popping up in everything from CBD cream to supplements — and for good reason.

Scientists recognize the value in the cannabinoid’s anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, when applied topically, CBD oil…

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