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With the increased interest in cannabidiol as a wellness supplement, many are people looking to try cannabis for the first time. However, they can be put off by the psychotropic effects that come from cannabis strains with high levels of THC. Cannabis strains high in CBD can be a great way to enjoy cannabis without the unappealing high.

With so many CBD strains available, we have hand-picked five of our favorites for you to enjoy.

1. Alpine Delight CBD

Alpine Delight CBD Automatic was created by crossing Swiss Dream and Skunk #1, and can have a CBD: THC ratio as high as 30:1. It was originally introduced into our Sensi Seeds Research collection, but moved into our permanent catalogue in 2020.

The aroma favors its Skunk heritage with heavy skunky notes, sweet undertones and hints of spice. The effects of Alpine Delight CBD are gentle and relaxing. Expect a slight sense of euphoria, which will make you feel clear-headed and uplifted.

Alpine Delight CBD Automatic is a short and stocky plant, with the potential for heavy yields. It has an average flowering time of up to 65 days. As the name suggests, this strain thrives in colder climates, and is great for shorter summers. Alpine…

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