What Is Dabbing and How Do I Do A Dab

What is dabbing and how do I do a dab may be a question that you have floating around in your mind. If you’re a cannabis consumer, chances are you’ve already heard about dabbing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve tried to dab though. When it comes to doing a dab for someone who is old school and used to smoking flowers in the form of a joint, bowl, or bong dabbing can be a little frightening looking.

When people see that you need a blowtorch to smoke cannabis concentrates many are turned off immediately. A lot of people think that they went and turned cannabis into crack or meth. This is not the case. Cannabis concentrates can be very enjoyable like anything else in moderation. Cannabis concentrates are called dabs for a reason in the opinion of many cannabis consumers. That reason is because just a dab will do.

To better understand what a dab is and how to do a dab let’s first look at cannabis concentrates at a high level. There’s many different varieties of cannabis concentrates or dabs available today all with various consistencies, flavors and cannabinoid profiles.

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