To test the munchies, researchers offer a choice: chips or an orange?

Jessica Kruger, PhD, clinical assistant professor of community health and health behavior, University at Buffalo. Credit: University at Buffalo

Picture this: Researchers attending a cannabis decriminalization event ask attendees, who are high on marijuana, to fill out surveys. The questionnaires ask participants to list the foods they typically eat while high and how much more, or less, they eat when under the influence, among other questions.

Their reward for filling out the survey? They can choose an orange or a bag of chips. You can guess which option they selected most.

The results certainly aren’t surprising: Nearly two-thirds of the 275 people who took the survey chose the chips, compared to 32 percent who picked fruit and 7 percent who didn’t take either.

But, they do highlight an important issue as more states in the U.S. begin legalizing recreational marijuana use among adults: the increased need for tailored nutrition education as the population…

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