Review: The CF710 Helped Me Conquer a Nectar Collector Fear

For pretty much my entire smoking career, even before reaching the professional ranks, I have avoided nectar collectors like chocolatey trim run. Not because the straw-like dabbing device was ineffective or wasn’t a ton of fun to use, but because I am not in the “one percent” — the people who can afford to enjoy multi-gram dabs on a regular basis.

Using a nectar collector requires you to drop the blazing hot end of a glass or metal tube into your wax supply to transfer a fog of delicious cannabis vapors into your system through the other end of the tube. The temptation to vaporize your entire stash and vault yourself into the marijuana smoker’s hall of fame is tempting. However, you must avoid this temptation at all costs.

When I received a box from portable smoking device manufacturer Boundless, I was expecting a dry flower vaporizer because they excel in the category. Instead, I sat confused for a few seconds while attempting to figure out what sat before my eyes. The CF710 was long and cylindrical like a vaporizer pen, but one end had an exposed coil, so that must mean … [runs to hide wax supply from self]… it’s a nectar collector.

Using the…

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