Nevada Judge Rules to License New Legal Weed Distributors – News

Although the alcohol industry has done its best to sandbag the progress of recreational marijuana sales in Nevada, a situation that has left pot supplies depleted and tax revenues in the proverbial crapper, it appears the state can finally move ahead with new distribution channels and put the market back on track – at least for the time being.

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, on Thursday, a district judge gave Nevada officials the green light to proceed with plans to issue recreational marijuana distribution licenses to businesses other than the state’s liquor wholesalers. The ruling, handed down by Carson City District Judge James Russell, lifted a temporary injunction that gave the state liquor distributors exclusive rights on the transport of recreational reefer to retail dispensaries.

To fight the shift, the Independent Alcohol Distributors of Nevada went after a temporary restraining order against the Nevada Tax Department, prohibiting additional distribution licenses from being doled out. But state officials persisted, establishing without a doubt that the alcohol trade could not adequately handle all of the state’s pot distribution.

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