Holiday Gift Guide: Hardware Accessories

On behalf of weed smokers everywhere, please do not buy us any more Cheech and Chong memorabilia or weed leaf-emblazoned socks this holiday season.

Pot some thought into it, please.

If you need help, has compiled a handy gift guide to this year’s best accessories for that special stoner in your life. You’re welcome, feel free to thank us with an extra batch of those cookies you were going to make for Santa.

Cloud Pen Paragon

While many new vaporizer pens came across my desk this year, just two stood out from the competition and warranted repeated, if not incessant, use. One of them, the Cloud Pen Paragon, became my go-to pen solution quickly because it solved one of my biggest flaws: leaving my wax literally wherever I took my last dab, every single time. The Paragon, which also happens to hit better than virtually any pen on the market, includes an ingenious non-stick silicone container on the bottom of the pen that detaches for easy stash access. The chances of me losing the entire Paragon unit are far less than when I carry around my concentrate in its original envelope, where I tend to lose the remainder of the wax after about 3.2 dabs on…

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