Facebook Is Deleting Alaska’s Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries’ Social Media Pages – News

At least six of Alaska’s recreational marijuana dispensaries have had their Facebook pages shut down in the past month, and the Last Frontier’s cannabis providers are pissed. 

According to the Alaska Dispatch News, the Facebook pages of Arctic Herbery, Enlighten Alaska, Frozen Buds, Pakalolo Supply Co., Dankorage and Alaska Fireweed were all either deleted or unpublished within the past week, wreaking havoc on the companies’ advertising plans for the Fourth of July weekend and beyond.

“(Facebook) has been huge for us. That’s where almost all our advertising comes from,” Arctic Herbery owner Bryant Thorp told the Dispatch. 

Facebook does have a set of confusing rules that could be used to justify shutting down dispensary pages, including a ‘regulated goods’ subsection that bans “any attempts by private individuals to purchase, sell, or trade prescription drugs, marijuana, firearms or ammunition.” But none of the dispensaries made direct sales through Facebook, and the timing of the multiple page shutdowns at once has dispensary owners upset. 

“I would assume that if anybody is complaining, it’d be the same people who start petitions up, try to…

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