Concentrate Review: Sunset Sherbert Sap

Sunset Sherbert Sap provides a mood-enhancing change of perspective for individuals grappling with anxiety or pain. A 60/40 Indica-dominant marijuana sap, this palatable Extract instills some rather uplifting and inspiring effects – while diminishing physical discomfort.

In short, Sunset Sherbert Sap by Heavenly Daze is a motivational dab with palliative effects.

Appearance: Sunset Sherbet Sap looks like solidified honey. Once freed from its packaging, the wafer-thin amber pancake of semi-translucent trichomes and cannabinoids displayed a smooth texture and an even consistency. Created in a closed loop extraction system and vacuum purged for our dabbing delight, these concentrates provide a creative and influential jolt to the system.

Dab: The initial dab of Sunset Sherbet Sap dissolved slowly and smoothly on my ceramic nail. Flavorful, mellow, and mentally enticing, I took the first rip off my daily driver once the e-nail hit the optimal temperature of about 400 degrees Fahrenheit (about 204.44 degrees Celsius). My dab of Sunset Sherbet Sap reduced to a puddle of psychotropic compounds with only moderate heat, and not only did it unleash a salvo of jaw-dropping flavors, but it also ignited the creative process.

Flavor: Sunset Sherbert Sap is a tropically invigorating hit for the cranium. A hybridized cross of Pink Panties x Girl Scout Cookies, this Extract enjoys a complex flavor profile. The Sherbert Sap offers hints of luscious lemons and magnificent mint on the inhale, and a concentrated cookie dough flavor on the exhale. Created at supercritical temperatures, these Nug Run dabs maintain their intrinsic flavor profile inherited from the pre-run flower (Sunset Sherbert).

The High: The high achieved from just one rip of Sunset Sherbert Sap was long-lasting and pleasant. I felt mentally relaxed and physically motivated after the first dab. An influential high for the persistent procrastinator with stuff to do, Sunset Sherbert Sap not only relaxes the hyperactive mind, it also allows for elevated levels of personal scrutiny. Sunset Sherbert’s saplike extracts subdue unrelenting discomfort while enhancing empathy for others. End your hectic work week with a powerful dab and make Shatterday a tad more productive.

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