Concentrate Review: Green Ribbon Shatter by Lunchbox Alchemy

Lunchbox Alchemy (LBA) has been leading the Oregon industry in products, community, and ambassadorship since the industry began to emerge here. They began in 2014 and now create a full line of products with everything from edibles to concentrates. I recently got the chance to review their Green Ribbon shatter and it was such a treat!

Perhaps one of the reasons that this was such a treat is that LBA Shatter just debuted a sleek new look that includes consumer conscious packaging and tiered pricing. The three tiers are easily distinguishable by color: Red Label, Blue Label, and Gold Label.

Available in a variety of strains and potencies, the Red Label is an approachable, entry level extract, while the Blue Label is a premium level extract derived from select strains. They’ve reserved the Gold Label for only the utmost quality flowers, with an end products of ultra premium extracts.

Packaging: This packaging is some of the most aesthetically pleasing and functional casing I have ever seen, both generally speaking for cannabis products and specifically speaking for cannabis concentrates. The labeling is clear, the branding is beautiful, and the product is showcased…

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