Cannabis Events Week 1: RedHat Ralph Treks 30 miles in 7 Days

Since I picked up my Judges Kit for the 2017 Cultivation Classic this week, I will count this as the start of my season.  Here is how I walked 29.4 miles from Sunday April 9 through Saturday, April 15.

Sunday, 0.2 miles; Monday 1.1 miles.

I spent the weekend at home, cleaning the house while recovering from my Angiogram.  I finished off the last tenth of a gram of Quantum Kush flower, smoked a 1.0 gram joint of Plushberry over 6 sessions, and enjoyed two sessions of my 1.0 gram Cherry Pie joint.  This made for some nice recovery time.

Tuesday, 6.8 miles.

I took myself into town, walking from the MAX stop at Providence Park up into the Alphabet District, stopping by MindRite Dispensary (1780 NW Marshall) to see what they have in stock.  I purchased a gram of Dream Queen from High Latitude Farms, as well as a joint of Kimbo Kush that the budtender was packing when I first walked in.

After checking out the selections at Oregon’s Finest dispensary (1327 NW Kearney), I contacted  MC Chino to see if he was up for spending some time together, now that he had returned from his traveling adventure.  We drove up to Mt. Tabor Park, indulged in a couple of dab hits of…

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