710: Brief Guide to the Beautiful Array of Cannabis Concentrates

Badder, Budder, Shatter, or ROSIN? It’s 7/10/2017, which means it’s time to celebrate with a few extra dabs! As 710 fans head down to their local dispensary/shop in search of their favorite concentrates, others are contemplating where to begin their quest.

Crumble, Crystalline, or Distillate – regardless of their modern-day nomenclature,  contemporary concentrates are available in a plethora of varying textures, consistencies, and forms. Generally considered sticky and viscous, today’s concentrates can also seem parched and crumbly. Or, in the case of extracted distillates, liquefied and oily.

Whether hard and brittle or soft and malleable, the primary difference between the  consistency of concentrates on sale at your local dispensary generally depends on a handful of variables: the quality of the nug-run flower; the solvent/mixture used during the extraction process; whether or not the concentrates were whipped or physically agitated after being extracted, and at what temperature the striped cannabis compounds were vacuum purged.

Intended as a helpful guide for those about to celebrate, the below summaries are a brief look at the difference between the…

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