Two Islands One Destiny: Medical Marijuana Reform

The two island nations of St. Thomas and Cyprus are incredibly different.

St. Thomas is a part of the U.S. Virgin Islands. It’s only 32 square miles but has everything one would want in a Caribbean paradise. Cyprus is an island in the Eastern Mediterranean, it’s the third largest and third most populous island in that region.

Both have vastly different cultures and yet many citizens in each of these nations share the common goal of legalizing medical marijuana.

Senator Positive Nelson of St. Thomas has continued his persistent efforts for cannabis reform by reintroducing the Virgin Islands Medical Cannabis Patient Care Act.

In a statement to the media, Nelson said that he is fulfilling his obligation to the people who supported his November 2014 ballot initiative for medicinal marijuana in the Virgin Islands. Last year, a similar bill did not make it past the committee stage.

Senator Nelson announced back in May that he would reintroduce his bill, and now the cannabis advocate is making good on his promise.

“I’m requesting that this measure be heard by the committee of the whole, and not [just]the Health Care Committee, whose chair has exhibited an obvious…

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