Sessions Craves Crackdown: Attack Opioids, Not Marijuana

Throughout his dogmatic career in politics, Jeff Sessions has compared the influence of marijuana to that of LSD or Heroin, accusing the peaceful herb of cultivating some of America’s biggest problems.

Sessions Craves Crackdown: Attack Opioids, Not Marijuana

On average, 142 Americans die each day from opioid abuse, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

“Overdose deaths from opioids, including prescription opioids and heroin, have more than quadrupled since 1999. Overdoses involving opioids killed more than 28,000 people in 2014. Over half of those deaths were from prescription opioids.”

Rather than menacing states that have enforced the will of their constituents, may believe the Department of Justice (DOJ) should spend their precious resources attacking the actual issue – opioid addiction.

By suing the large pharmaceutical companies responsible for the current opioid epidemic, the DOJ could reduce violent crime, poverty, and our national drug overdose rate.

Tapped to lead not follow, many believe Sessions and the DOJ should be more litigious with America’s drug companies, and sue Big Pharma.

On August 3, officials from Multnomah County, Oregon filed a…

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