Ohio Senator Rob Portman Is Lying About Drug Dealers Lacing Marijuana with Fentanyl – News

A new report has been flooding local and national news outlets this week, suggesting that the hyper-addictive, extremely deadly synthetic opiate fentanyl, a main culprit in America’s raging opioid epidemic, is being mixed into cannabis by drug dealers looking to hook users. This may sound like cause for alarm, but when you look a little closer, it appears that all of the fenta-weed hullabaloo is just the fear-mongering gossip of one Ohio Senator with a decidedly anti-cannabis history. 

In a recent press conference that was picked up by news outlets across Ohio, Dr. Lakshmi Sammarco, a Cincinnati-area coroner, stated “We have seen fentanyl mixed with cocaine, we have also seen fentanyl mixed with marijuana.” However, Dr. Sammarco provided zero context or proof for her claims.

In fact, in Hamilton county, where Dr. Sammarco is the coroner, police officers with the county’s Heroin Coalition told Cincinnati.com that no cases of marijuana laced with fentanyl have been found or reported, a statistically-backed claim that was reinforced by a DEA spokesman, who also told Cincinnati.com that there have been zero reported cases of the deadly opiate mixed with…

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