NFL Veterans Discuss Cannabis, Opioids, and the Future of Football in “Game Changers” Round Table – News

Lead photo via Flickr user Parker Anderson

In the midst of Week 7 of the 2017-18 NFL season, professional football has come to occupy a peculiar place in America’s social fabric. After weeks of targeted tweets from President Trump calling on league officials and team owners to punish players using the National Anthem to protest social injustice, a significant study about brain damage, concussions, and head trauma has largely been swept under the rug — all while team doctors continue to hand out prescription pain medication freely, with cannabis users still suspended after a positive test. Trump has implemented his tainted Midas touch to obscure the real issues and turn the NFL into a political shitshow.

To bring the conversation back to pain management, player health, and the NFL’s failed drug policy, four league veterans — Marvin Washington, Leonard Marshall, Eben Britton, and Grant Mattos — teamed up with Herb for a Toronto-based roundtable aptly dubbed “Game Changers.”

In the 10 minute clip, the pro-pot ballers discuss their less-than-stellar experiences with team-sanctioned opiates, smoking with teammates behind the backs of league officials,…

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