New Jersey Governor Introduces Proposal to Expunge Drug Offenders’ Criminal Records – News

In an effort to give drug offenders more opportunities inside the Thunderdome that is civil society, Governor Chris Christie has reportedly jumped behind a progressive legislative package that will allow some to have their criminal records expunged.

On Tuesday, Governor Chrsitie revealed a series of bills dealing with a number of issues that drug offenders must endure long after their punishment has been served. The primary goal of the expungement initiative, which was designed with the help of Senator Sandra Cunningham, is to prevent employers from discriminating against applicants convicted of drug-related crimes, as well as to expedite the expungement process.

The bills will prevent “a childhood or adolescent mistake from ruining someone’s future, while still ensuring there are appropriate consequences for unlawful behavior and lessons are learned. These reforms represent a second chance at life for our family members, friends, neighbors and coworkers, and they provide the same opportunities we would desperately want for ourselves,” Christie said in a statement.

When a person with a criminal record has his or her record expunged, it is almost as though the…

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