Kentucky governor blames violent video games, movies, not guns for school shootings : news

Well, I had to go to my daughter’s school for a meeting bc she told me some kids were picking on her for her sensory issues. When I told her to please tell the teacher WHEN it’s happening, she says, “The teacher does it, too.”

At the meeting I asked a whole circle of school officials why on EARTH in the climate this country is in, why I would have to tell a TEACHER what kind of things these sort of issues escalate to and why I’m having to educate her on not bullying the disabled, she says,”Yea, I”remind” her. ” I said, “No, reminding is taking a kid out of earshot or a nudge, not calling somebody out who has anxiety already in front of a classroom of her bullies, that’s not ‘reminding’ somebody.” What she was ‘reminding’ her to do was NOT use proper methods the doctors have insisted she use at school to combat her disability and keep her functional.

I can see why kids are having so much trouble socially. I live right beside the park my kids have recess at and I’m CONSTANTLY having to go to the fence and tell the kids not to beat on other kids and text the teachers. They get my texts right away BC THEYRE ON THEIR PHONES. I’ll be looking directly at them with their faces in their screens while little Johnny is being literally ripped out of his coat and getting slung to the ground every time he tries to stand up. Seriously, when I text her about this specific situation while she facebooked or whatever, all she said was, “Shoo, these boys are rough.”

No, they’re just not being guided.

Also, after I confronted my daughter’s teacher about bullying her, she came home with an f. Somehow in 9weeks her grade went from a B to an F and teacher refuses to give us makeup work even when her absences are excused. It’s absolutely ridiculous! She is trying her best to fail my daughter bc I bruised her ego for picking on my kid…IN THIS CLIMATE! I mean, good lord, what are they thinking?!

Edit: we’re in KY. Also, the very thing the teacher said to my daughter was, “Get that out of your mouth! That’s probably why you have braces!”

No, she has poor teeth bc all of her dad’s side of the family does, too. Bc she releases stress in her jaws, hence the sensory processing problems.

Might as well throw in here how the school called me to come get one of my kids the other day and the secretary started shooting off at the mouth about “She’s had her a good ole time out on the bench. We’ve sent a lot of kids home today who were LEGITIMATELY sick, so…”Like right in front of my daughter, who’d thrown up twice already and vomited the whole evening after.

I just said, “Hey, you called me alright and the Dr will know, I don’t know.” I took my kid and went to the Dr.

It seems most of the staff is straight up narcissistic or some shit. There needs to be some kind of assessment for ppl who want to be teachers to weed out the shitheads.

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