Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy May Be Warming Up to Legal Marijuana – News

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Like every outdated point of view though, there is always a tipping point, and Connecticut’s continued financial woes appear to be Malloy’s last straw on legalization. While the Governor did not include cannabis reform in his top-line suggestions, the concession to include legal weed as a legislative option suggests that if a cannabis legalization bill were to pass through the state legislature, Malloy wouldn’t stand in the way and veto that decision – a stark contrast from his past stance.

Now, as Governor Malloy and state officials come to terms with the fact that no one adjustment will make up for the state’s immense debt, an estimated $100 million in cannabis tax over the next three years is starting to sound a lot more palatable, even if the Governor still isn’t ready to openly advocate just yet.

“While these alternatives are NOT part of the Governor’s proposed revisions, it is instructive, and perhaps helpful to the legislature, to identify some options that they might also consider in achieving a balanced budget,” Malloy’s recently released report states.

Even if Connecticut legislators don’t make good on Gov. Malloy’s legal weed concession, the Northeastern state could see cannabis reform soon.

And with a recent poll from Sacred Heart University reporting that over 70% of Connecticut voters support legalizing the controversial plant, that 420-friendly guarantee might be all that Drew needs to take the Governor’s seat in November.

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