California Cannabis Cultivators Are Now Eligible for Farmer-Friendly Energy Discounts – News

With the passing of Proposition 64 last year, and what is expected to be the world’s biggest regulated market coming next year, Golden State growers are finally getting a taste of the benefits awarded to the rest of the state’s farmers. 

According to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), California’s largest public utility provider, will award the same discounts enjoyed by the state’s mainstream agricultural businesses to commercial cannabis cultivators.

“Cannabis is a legal crop in our state, like almonds and tomatoes.” Deborah Affonsa, vice president of customer service at PG&E, said in a statement released last week. “Agricultural growers now will be eligible for the same rate and energy efficiency programs as farmers of other crops,”

To qualify for the discounts, growers will need to prove that at least 70% of their energy use comes from direct agricultural activity, such as electricity to power grow lights and water for irrigation. The newly adjusted rates will not help non-commercial home grows or cannabis product producers such as extraction labs.

For California’s commercial growers, though, PG&E’s newfound…

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