Pennsylvania Students to Learn About Hemp’s Uses as a Sustainable Material

According to the Teacher’s Toolkit released by the Pennsylvania Departments of Agriculture and Education, hemp will play a central role in the state’s upcoming Farm Show event. 

Hemp Included in Pennsylvania Department of Education’s Annual “Farm Show” Event

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is the largest indoor agricultural event in the United States. It was first held over one hundred years ago, and it soon grew into the massive occasion we know today, with over 10,000 displays and events spread across dozens of categories like draft horses, dairy cattle, hard cider, horticulture, and much more. Generally, the Farm Show is a lively celebration of the half million people employed and the $185 billion generated by Pennsylvania’s agricultural industries each year, but the show is going to look a bit different in 2021. 

The Pennsylvania Farm Show is Going Virtual

For the first time ever, the Pennsylvania Farm Show will be going virtual. And while that news might lead to difficulties for some would-be attendees, it will surely be a nice change of pace for students working through a stressful school year. Back on Wednesday, December 23rd, the Pennsylvania Departments of…

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