Slots and Skunk: Atlantic City Mayor Looks to Las Vegas as New Jersey Anticipates Legal Cannabis – News

Photo According to, Gilliam has already expressed interest in bringing legal weed businesses and sales to Atlantic City, even informally asking Murphy to turn the East Coast gambling hub into a test city for adult-use cannabis sales and consumption.

“The key for me is to get more knowledge on how they rolled out the process and understand the pros and cons,” Gilliam told “They have gaming like we do, so I want to figure out how those things coexist, and figure out to make it work for Atlantic City.”

During the Murphy campaign, Garden State cannabis advocates argued that legalization would not only help the state from a criminal justice angle, but financially as well. With pot legalization in New Jersey seemingly inevitable, Gilliam is hopeful that cannabis can bring tourism back to the seaside destination.

In addition to Atlantic City’s mayor, a number of New Jersey state lawmakers, cannabis regulators, and city officials will join Gilliam on the Las Vegas trip, including visits to a cultivation center, retail shops, and meetings with Nevada officials.

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