What is cannabis hyperemesis syndrome?

Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome is not well understood, and seems to be a new illness that mostly affects heavy cannabis users. Since the first recorded case in 2004, much has been speculated about this mysterious and literally sickening syndrome. Is it cannabis intolerance? Is it neem oil poisoning? And what’s with the hot baths?

Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome sounds like William Randolph Hearst rose from the dead and cursed cannabis lovers with the worst thing his undead brain could conjure.

“You will vomit uncontrollably! You will assume cannabis will help because it is a proven anti-emetic, but it will make it worse! Vomiting episodes will last up to a week! Conventional anti-emetics will not work! Your doctor will not know what is causing it! BWAHAHAHAAAA!”

Joking aside, this is a gruesome condition and there’s no denying the correlation between cannabis use and the onset of cannabis hyperemesis symptoms, and the corresponding cessation of those symptoms within an average of three months of stopping cannabis use.

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