Top 10 Cannabinoids and Why They Matter

Thanks to all of those who dedicate their lives to discovering what comprises one of the most beloved of all plants, we know that the cannabis plant is much more than just THC. There are almost 500 active compounds in the marijuana plant, at least 113 of which we know to be cannabinoids. This article is a glimpse into the world of cannabinoids, going through the top ten most popular and well known.

For many recreational cannabis users, THC is the single most important cannabinoid. And why not, seeing as it is the cannabinoid responsible for the psychoactive, stoned effect? But for all those with a medical or scientific interest in weed, it is a world much greater than THC.

The cannabis plant is a complicated network of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids, containing almost 500 active compounds. As far as we know, at least 113 of these compounds are cannabinoids specifically. The interaction between varying levels of different cannabinoids is what is responsible for the variation we experience between strains.

Each cannabinoid has its own specific role in cannabis, as well as…

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