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Strain Overview

The Scoop: A celestial strain of the highest order, Stargazer lives up to her name and genetic lineage. Consistently ranking in the mid-20 percentile for THC, Stargazer is a perfect end of day stress-reliever. A heavenly gift from nature, Stargazer was originally cultivated by the skilled horticulturists at Delta 9 Labs.

The Result: A perfect strain for observing Wednesday’s Super Blue Blood Moon, Stargazer will help extinguish any moon-related insomnia issues afterward. An Indica-dominant strain, she soothes the body and eases the high-strung mind; she’s the perfect strain to accompany you on a historic night under the moonlit sky.

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The Verdict: An Indica strain that does just what you’d expect — relax your muscles, drop your eyelids, and numb your pain — Stargazer is an out-of-this-world pain-reliever. Providing a sublime state of mind, Stargazer will help you enjoy some pain-free comfort after a late-night (or early morning) of enjoying the super-blue-blood-moon and lunar-eclipse.

Strain Characteristics

Type: Indica dominant

Also Known As: N/A

Genetics: Sensi Star x AK-47 x Warlock

Origin: Holland

How Stoned Will You Get: 7.5

Average THC: 17-19%

Average Price Per ⅛: $45

Awards: N/A

Strain Profile

The Science: Stargazer, a hybridized cross of Sensi Star x AK-47 and Warlock, has relatively little scientific data available online. But according to, test results indicate this strain had an average THC content of 17.50 percent. And providing a neuroprotective cloak of healing cannabinoids, Stargazer’s lab test indicate her THCV content was approximately 1 percent. A good strain for getting high and staring at the open sky, Stargazer’s CBD content tested at average to below average levels: CBD 0.5 percent, CBG 0.5 percent, CBC 0.3 percent — with no detectable amounts of the CBN cannabinoid identified.

Appearance: From farther away, Stargazer appears similar to the bright arc of a shooting star. Stereotypical pot leaves stretch far and wide before giving way to a light green, almost yellowish coloration of her heavenly flowers. Up close, Stargazer’s white trichomes appear as though they’re floating in a universe of green, yellow, orange, and magenta. Visually, a cosmic strain, these tasty buds sparkle like a shooting star during a rare astronomical event.

Consistency: Like a good Indica should, Stargazer presents herself in the form of elongated and sticky buds that are as dense as a neutron star. And when Stargazer’s buds decompress, they’re converted into piles of trichrome-laced crumbs that fit nicely in your favorite smoking or vaporizing device.

Scent: Sensi Star’s lemony citrus aroma is a big bang in Stargazer’s initial scent profile. As the stellar bouquet unfolds in the olfactory system, her sharp notes of citrus bridge the creamy divide and unify in a cosmically intoxicating fragrance.

Taste: Stargazer tastes almost like peppermint candy — mixed with a bit of eucalyptus,  skunk, and other earthy flavors — she’ll tickle your tastebuds with a minty fresh flavor that will leave you rushing back to your local dispensary.

Effect: Stargazer cleanses the intellect, revives the body, and incites the spirit. Take a pull (or two), grab someone special (and a jacket), and go find a nice patch of clear non-city sky. Allow the daily stress and anxiety to wash away, then turn your gaze starward. There is a bit of a Sativa rush included in the mellow trance-like buzz, but it combines nicely with the strain’s analgesic effect.

Strain Background: From the Delta-9 Labs website: “She prefers earth and cocos to the less natural rock-wool but does do very well in automatic feeding systems, turning into a massive bush.” Its potent forebears, the Indica-dominant Warlock and Sativa-dominant AK-47, combine with Sensi Star to bring you a strain that will make you yearn for the days of better NASA funding as you lose yourself in the warm high and perhaps another starlit night sky.

Medical Uses: An aggressive insomnia assassin, the Stargazer strain also helps lessen the distracting effects of adult attention deficit disorder (ADHD). And putting the “fun” back in functional, Stargazer has been reported to help alleviate stress-related anxiety and the infrequent bout of depression.

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