“Space Weed Bro” Is the Cannabis Industry’s First Commercially Sold Intergalactic Bud – News

Space weed, bro. That’s really all that needs to be said about the newest offering from the website Herban Planet and Arizona dispensary Level Up, a very special strain of well-traveled medical marijuana named with the same exclamation, Space Weed Bro.

In a world where Elon Musk is outpacing NASA at its own game, it was only a matter of time before the cannabis industry’s deep pockets broke out of our world’s atmosphere, and that time has finally come – to infinity and beyond.

With the help of Sent Into Space, Herban Planet and Level Up packaged a pound of the intergalactic strain into a weather balloon and let it rip, pushing the kush pack 20 miles above earth’s atmosphere before bringing the bud back to earth, re-packaging the plant and selling it at Level Up’s Scottsdale storefront.

The balloon was equipped with GPS tracking and a number of cameras, giving the mission control crew on the ground enough info to find their wayward product, and plenty of far out footage to watch while sampling the product.

Space Weed Bro has seen altitudes up to 118,000 feet and withstood temperatures of -94º below zero, and now, if you’re lucky enough to…

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