Sour Cherry Sherbert Marijuana Strain Review

The Scoop: Sour Cherry Sherbert was originally cultivated by the insightful breeders at TKO Reserve in southern Oregon. A Sativa-dominant hybrid with an extraordinary flavor profile, this breathtaking strain is the genetic offspring of Laughing Gas (Sour Diesel x Cherry Pie) and Sunset Sherbert.  A relative newcomer to the West Coast weed game, TKO’s Sour Cherry Sherbert is a captivating choice for those spellbound by a strain’s sweet aroma and contemplative high.

The Result: More flavorful and inspiring than mentally incapacitating, Sour Cherry Sherbert (SCS) is the perfect strain for the creatively inclined. Generally testing in the high-teens for THC, her bionic terpene content is the true star of this show. While she may not test in the upper stratosphere for the psychotropic cannabinoid, Sour Cherry Sherbert’s complex terpene profile will leave the average consumer admiring this strain’s productive influence.

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The Verdict: Engendering a sense of enthralled euphoria and motivated resourcefulness, the high from TKO’s Sour Cherry Sherbert provides the creative consumer with an innovative mindset and a chaser of pain relief.

Juniper Analytics terpene test results for Sour Cherry Sherbet by TKO

Strain Characteristics

Type: Sativa-dominant

Also Known As: SCS

Genetics: Laughing Gas (Sour Diesel x Cherry Pie) x Sunset Sherbert

Origin: Oregon

How Stoned Will You Get: 8

Average THC: 17-19%

Average Price Per ⅛: $45

Awards: N/A

Strain Profile

The Science: Test results from Juniper Analytics of Sour Cherry Sherbert indicate this specific batch of flower contained a total THC content of 17.716 percent or 177.16 mg/g by weight. And dictating SCS’s overall aroma and flavor profile, the flower’s essence is formulated by the following dominate terpenes: beta-Caryophyllene – 7.90 mg/g, d-Limonene – 5.68 mg/g, a-Humulene – 2.27 mg/g, and Linalool – 2.11 mg/g.

Appearance: Sour Cherry Sherbert is a trichome-dense, kaleidoscopic vision of beauty. Green, clean, and ready for action, SCS’s flowers are typically refined, solid, and intensely unique. Like a smokable piece of abstract art, the SCS bud is comprised of a sporadic mixture of deep purple hues, vivid magentas, frantically intersected by her aimlessly swirling orange pistils. Sour Cherry Sherbert’s power-driven purple and pink calyxes make her a stand out strain – regardless of where you find her.

Consistency: Sour Cherry Sherbert leans hard on her Sativa roots, but this colorful lady has the heart of an Indica lion. Concentrated and solid, smokers should consider utilizing appropriate paraphernalia – scissors or a grinder – when dissecting this colorful paragon of cannabis propagation.

Scent: The dominant aromas first noticed when breaking apart a bud of Sour Cherry Sherbert are a heavy diesel bouquet with lavender and pine overtones. Washing over the olfactory system like a fresh spring rain, her collective terpenoids convey a curious tickling sensation in the nasal cavity. A boutique strain with a star-studded lineage, SCS has set an incredibly high bar (aromatically speaking) for other cultivators to try and surpass.

Taste: Sweet, tart, and highly intriguing, Sour Cherry Sherbert’s buds offer a dizzying mixture of berry flavors that are emphasized by its latent undertone of fresh herbs and a hint of woody pine. For the experienced pallet, the delicate balancing act between her fruity and earthy notes creates a nearly perfect strain for the modern cannabis connoisseur.

Effect: Artistically motivating and lasting for what seems like hours, the high from Sour Cherry Sherbert is the smokable equivalent of an early morning cup of espresso. Released from the mental fog of this stressful world, enthusiasm replaces lethargy after one or two rips off a well-rolled joint. These colorful, rockhard nuggets provide consumers a visionary strain that helps minimize daily bouts of mental irritability.

Strain Background: The offspring of Sour Diesel x Cherry Pie (Laughing Gas) crossbred with TKO’s Sunset Sherbert, Sour Cherry Sherbert’s potency was ultimately toned down by the introduction of the flavorful Sunset Sherbet strain. While the Laughing Gas cut typically tests in the mid-to-high 20s for THC, the Sour Cherry Sherbert maxes out at approximately 19 percent THC.

Medical Uses: Sour Cherry Sherbert works wonders at mitigating skeletal pain, mental stress and fatigue, lack of appetite, and the occasional session of depression.

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