Massachusetts Farmers Lobby for Access to Recreational Cannabis Cultivation – News

With recreational cannabis set to start budding in Massachusetts next year, many farmers in the New England region are looking to take their talent and experience into the cultivation market. However, the state’s medical marijuana system has already been conquered by large corporations running commercial grow operations, effectively shutting out the local agriculture industry thus far.

Though they have an uphill battle ahead of them, these local farmers will band together to gain access into the evergreen pot industry. Agricultural workers in Massachusetts are hoping to establish marijuana craft cooperatives to compete with large-scale producers. To that effect, Democratic Sen. Julian Cyr introduced an amendment for collaborative grows that was added into the state’s comprehensive cannabis bill, hopefully enabling smaller growers to get more involved with the recreational market.

“For traditional farmers … it’s about lowering the barriers of entry into the marijuana market. The intent is there’s a lower bar to entry for smaller scale cultivation,” Sen. Cyr said.

This collaborative model would allow local cultivators to grow a limited amount of marijuana and…

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