Maryland’s Black Caucus Will ‘Take a Knee’ if Medical Marijuana Equity Expansion Isn’t Passed – News

The war of words between Donald Trump and black NFL players carrying on the legacy of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick came to a head again this weekend, with huge swaths of the league kneeling before or during the national anthem to protest racial inequality and the unprovoked murder of black people at the hands of police. Now, in their fight for equality in the state’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry, the Maryland legislature’s Black Caucus has suggested that they will “take a knee” if lawmakers don’t expand the program to even the cannabusiness playing field.

According to the Baltimore Sun, after Maryland’s first 15 cannabusiness licenses were awarded without a single African-American recipient, the Black Caucus called for a special session to address the diversity discrepancies. That session never happened, and now, Black Caucus members are threatening to disrupt the entire legislature if an equality-fueled cannabis industry expansion is not adapted in January.

“No one should expect us to have any trust if it doesn’t go the way that we have been told it will go,” Caucus Chairwoman Cheryl Glenn said. 

Glenn said that…

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