Maryland Approves First Medical Marijuana Dispensary – News

This Wednesday, Maryland regulators approved the state’s first medical marijuana dispensary, The Wellness Institute of Maryland. The company has been authorized to open its doors immediately, and already plans to begin seeing patients. What’s missing from the picture is medical marijuana itself, which is not currently available in the state. Only one company has been authorized to grow medical marijuana in the state so far, and its first crop will not be ready until this fall.

Wellness Institute owner Michael Kline said that patients will be able to consult with cannabis professionals and place “pre-orders” for cannabis when it becomes available. “We are fully equipped to deliver medicine as soon as we have it,” he said. Kline explained that the individual consultations will appeal to patients who may be apprehensive about taking a federally controlled drug. “Many, if not most people, won’t be interested in our model,” he said. “They would like to go in like it’s a strip mall or a 7-Eleven.”

At the same time as they authorized the Wellness Institute’s license, the state medical marijuana commission delayed a vote on authorizing what would be the state’s second…

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